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Cadaver For Sale
Currently over 10.3 million cadavers for sale!

Please answer all of the questions below. If you do not know the answer to a question, or the question doesn't apply to you then leave it blank. We won't hold it against you.

cadaver for sale!
How old are you?
How often do you smoke?
Choose the option that best describes your diet.
Have you ever had a hernia?No Yes
How tall are you?
How often do you drink alcohol?
Please choose the option that best describes your body type.
Do you have any rare medical disorders, such as elephantitis?No Yes
Are you an albino?No Yes
Do you have any kind of hindered mobility - such as having a prosthetic limb or being paraplegic?No Yes
Have you ever had your appendix removed?No Yes
Choose the option that best describes the hair on your head.
How is your vision?
How frequently do you take pain relievers such as advil, ibuprofen, or codeine?
- Name That Drug! -
How much exposure do you have to the sun?
Do you work in an environment where you might be exposed to noxious chemicals, such as lead or asbestos? This includes those who work with ceramics, lead, or processed materials.
Do you regularly drink beverages high in sugar, such as soda or energy drinks?No Yes
Have you ever been prescribed any anti-psychotic medication, such as lithium or seroquel?No Yes
Have you ever had any serious surgery, such as heart or intestinal surgery?No Yes
Are you diabetic?No Yes

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